Winter Home Improvement Projects That Will Get Your House Ready to Sell in the New Year

Are you thinking of selling your house in the new year and trying to get your ducks in a row for when you do? Studies have shown that upgrades to your home’s exterior and landscaping can add 20% to your home’s value. From DIY projects you can knock out in an afternoon to projects that require professional help, these home exterior upgrades are sure to catapult your curb appeal to the next level (and price range).

Re-Paint for a Fresh Look

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home is a no-brainer, but even a partial paint job does wonders for the look of your home. Touching up or choosing a vibrant new paint color for your door and trim gives the whole place an instant face lift. If you want to go for a whole new color, choose one that works with the architectural style of the home. And take a cue from the surrounding natural elements; if it’s a beach bungalow, can you choose a bright turquoise to remind one of the tranquil blue of the sea, or for a stormy Seattle estate, maybe a deep cobalt or emerald.

Add Faux Balconies and Window Boxes

Home accoutrements like window boxes and faux balconies seem like no big deal but they can easily mean the difference between a house sitting on the market and one that catches buyers’eyes. Install window boxes under windows and on deck and porch railings and fill them with vibrant blossoms and greenery that complement the house’s color theme. To get the most bang for your buck, plant perennials so that your window boxes are always blooming, no matter when you decide to sell.

When selecting a window box for your home, you have a wide range from which to choose. Among your choices are clean, white window boxes that look like painted wood but are actually made from rot-proof PVC, bold copper window boxes that shine when the sun hits them, and rustic hay rack window boxes to give your home’s exterior that”cottage” feel.

What about faux balconies, or “balconettes” as they are sometimes called? While not functional as balconies that you can stand on,they are nevertheless instant curb appeal boosters, adding architectural interest to even the blandest of structures. Intricate designs like our Bellisimo or Agostino Faux Balcony bring an Old World charm while our Dorchester Juliet Balcony or Windermere Faux Balcony are more modern design statements.

Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Any real estate broker will tell you that one or more outdoor spaces is crucial to most home buyers. Not only does a well curated outdoor living space boost your property value, but it also counts (at least in the eyes of buyers) as extra square footage where they can enjoy a bit of outdoor living. The big draws are, of course, killer views, gardens, pools, pergolas, fire pits,and other renovations. However, even if you have none of the above, work what you have to make the outdoor living experience appealing. First, clean up your landscaping by trimming any trees and shrubs that have become unruly. Replace withered grass with fresh grass or even lifelike artificial turf. Pull weeds and plant fresh ground cover or create a container garden with outdoor planters and pots.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Whether you have landscape lighting or not, it’s a good time to check its effectiveness. Not only is proper lighting a plus aesthetically,but it also appeals to homeowners because it increases home security. Well-lit entryways and pathways, porches, and backyards act as deterrents to burglars,and provide added safety by illuminating walkways. Our LED landscape lighting provides energy-efficient lighting for lower electrical costs.

Learn more about the benefits of our outdoor LED landscape lighting with these FAQs.

What Do You Need for Your Home Improvement Project?

From durable outdoor planters to artisanal patio tables to landscape lighting, we have the tools you need for any DIY home project! Visit us at or call us at 1-800-896-0978.

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