Time to Shine! Copper-Lined Window Boxes to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Make a stunning first impression on house guests and passersby with our gorgeous copper-lined window boxes! With a subtle glow that only 100% real copper can create, these copper liners give your curb appeal an instant lift. And since the current copper trend for interior design isn’t going away anytime soon, you can enjoy these beautiful window gardens for years to come.

Eye-Catching Style

With their sophisticated sheen peeking out of an intricate wrought iron design, our copper planter liners definitely steal the show—whether the sun’s out or not. Our Real Copper Lined Arch Decora Window Box is, like many of our designs, exclusive to Hooks and Lattice. This means that not everyone will have them on your block—and people will definitely notice them for this very reason, especially when they start to patina to a beautiful silver-grey with age. The Arch Decora window box design has a charming tapered silhouette set off by interlocking metal arches. Have an oversized window? These beauties are available in sizes up to 72″.

Hang Them Anywhere!

Under windows, on porches and decks, along fences and railings—hang or place them anywhere and watch them (literally) glow! Picture seeing the lovely scrollwork of our Wayfarer Window Box Cage with Liner when you pull up to your home. Or enjoying the brightness of the Real Copper Lined Regalia Decora Window Box as you step out onto your patio. So versatile, they can fit into virtually any home décor style and with almost any architectural style, adding Old World charm. These lovely home accents can also be used indoors as table centerpieces. Your only limit is your imagination!

A Natural Soil Enricher?

Besides the obvious aesthetic value of copper, did you know it’s also a natural soil enricher? It’s true: especially in acidic soils, where copper levels are generally lower. Having adequate amounts of copper in soil will prevent poor growth, delayed flowering, and the sterility of your plants—meaning less wilting and leaf discoloration. And since copper deters snails, slugs, and other pests, your plants are better able to thrive when planted in copper planters and liners.

Weather-Resistant Year after Year

All of our wrought iron window boxes are made with heavy-duty wrought iron that is then finished in a baking process with black powder-coated paint, making them durable and rust-resistant. Add in our copper planter liners, and you have a window box that holds up beautifully in all weather conditions—including frost and extreme heat—without fading or rusting. Whether you live in snowy Chicago or rainy Washington, our window boxes are literally made to stand the test of time.

Easy to Customize

Make your copper-lined window box self-watering with a reservoir, order it oversized for larger windows, or customize it in almost any way imaginable. Our wrought iron window boxes are also available with other liner options, including oil-rubbed and textured bronze options, or no liner at all. And our real copper liners are available on their own, and can also be used on their own as window boxes.

Simple to Install

For a step-by-step guide to installing your new copper-lined wrought iron window boxes, check out this easy Install Guide.

Get Shining!

Call to order your copper-lined window boxes: 1-800-896-0978 or visit us at www.HooksandLattice.com. We’re also happy to help with custom orders!

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