Artisanal Outdoor Tables: Travel to Tuscany in Your Own Backyard

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to revamp your patio furniture, the addition of an artisanal outdoor dining table will instantly elevate the space. Learn how these exclusive tables are made, how to pick one to elevate your outdoor dining and entertaining area, and how to give your backyard or patio an “old world” European touch with their timeless style.

How Our Stone Patio Tables are Made

It starts with a careful mining process in limestone caves, where the highest-quality travertine is sourced. Only the most pristine pieces are selected, and from which slabs are made and carefully cut to size. Once cut, the slabs are cut into pieces that are hand-laid into artistic designs and then sanded by hand for a luxuriously smooth finish. Harvested from quarries around the world, every piece of travertine and natural material used in the design reflects years of natural weathering, coming together to make truly unique tabletops.

The Singular Beauty of Travertine

Choosing a travertine patio table for your outdoor space has many benefits. First off, it never gets overly hot since it contains no metals. Secondly, it is two times stronger than concrete, so it will last for years, even in inclement weather. And third, since its carved right out of rock, it contains markings and grains that make each piece truly a one-of-a-kind piece of natural art.

As Durable as the Days are Long

Travertine is a limestone that forms around natural and mineral springs in large blocks. Many travertine quarries are said to be anywhere from thousands to millions of years old, highlighting the durability and strength of this natural stone. Its porous construct allows the stone to absorb water quickly, making it resistant to moisture damage. And its sturdy structure also means no scratches, chips, or cracks, even in high-traffic environments. In a nutshell? This elegant-looking stone can take a beating and remain unblemished! Factor in the stone-protecting seal and six-year warranty included on every tabletop, and you have an heirloom-quality table in a design that will never go out of style.

Marble and Glass Accents

Some of our outdoor stone dining tables are accented with marble and glass to further accentuate the natural beauty of travertine. The Durango tabletop mixes variations of travertine and marble in a checkerboard pattern, offset by diamonds of coral and coffee glass. Its neutral color scheme and European-inspired design works especially well when surrounded by Mediterranean and Spanish-style architecture.

Choosing the Right Mosaic Table for Your Space

When searching for just the right table, it’s important to have an idea about what size and shape will look and function best in the area. Here are some good questions to ask when choosing the right table for your patio, backyard, or other outdoor space:

  • How much space, including a traffic area around the table, do I have to work with?
  • How will I be using my table—to relax at on my own, to eat family meals, to entertain a large amount of people, or all of the above?
  • Do you want to create a more intimate dining space? (Round tables are great for creating a space where everyone around the table can see each other and talk comfortably)
  • Do I want a dining area where I can easily fit a large amount of people while taking up the least amount of space? (Rectangular tables are better suited to this goal.)
  • Will I need an umbrella for sun protection? (Most of our mosaic tables are available with an umbrella hole option.)

Customize Your Tabletop

Our Ancient Mosaic line of tabletops are fully customizable, so there’s no need to find the exact right table when you can create it! Choose your size, shape, and color, and even select the grout color between the tiles. Add an umbrella hole to your favorite design, or turn it into a stylish fire table to instantly transform your patio into an inviting gathering space for family and friends.

Dine and Entertain in True European Style

For centuries, mosaic stone tables have been the center of eating, drinking, and being merry. True to form, our handcrafted tabletops are made by artisans and craftsmen to continue this tradition. To learn more about this artful line of patio tables and how to customize one to fit your space and lifestyle, call our home improvement experts at 1-800-896-0978 or visit us at

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