How to Keep Hanging Baskets from Drying Out

“Why do my hanging baskets die?” This is a common question, and yet the answer in most cases is surprisingly simple: they are not getting enough, or a consistent amount of, water. Because the plants and flowers that are planted in hanging baskets have little room to grow, and the small amount of soil included causes it to dry out faster, your hanging baskets need plenty of water to thrive. This typically means that you should water your hanging baskets about four to five times a week. Sound like a pain? Not to worry! Here are some tips on how to keep your soil moist—and your hanging baskets fresh and healthy—for longer, and with less work for you!

How Do I Keep My Hanging Baskets Hydrated?

If you’re revamping your watering schedule, or you simply want to know how to water hanging baskets when away, achieving just the right amount of hydration can be complicated: keeping the soil wet is important, but too much water can cause root rot. How do you reach a happy medium? One way is to feel the top of the soil every few days, and water when it feels dry to the touch. But if you’re looking to water less often and save water at the same time, here are a couple of ways to keep those hanging baskets of yours hydrated and happy:

Hanging Basket Reservoirs

Whether it’s for your home, your business, or your city streets, creating self-watering hanging basket planters save time and money on watering and maintenance—especially during hot summer months where you sometimes need to water hanging baskets a few times a day! And if you’re looking to water plants while away on business or that much-needed vacation, this is the perfect addition to your hanging baskets!

A self-watering reservoir is an insert that you place directly in your hanging basket, under the soil and plants. Fill it up with water and it will drain water into the soil gradually over time, keeping the soil adequately hydrated without overwatering. Choose from our round planter reservoirs from 6″ to 9″ in diameter (these reservoirs irrigate 9″ of soil beyond their edge), or our bowl-shaped reservoirs that fit perfectly into 18″ and 22″ hanging baskets, with a water capacity of up to three gallons!

GrowBrownie Water-Retaining Soil

When you’re ready to plant or re-plant your hanging baskets, consider adding our PlanterWell GrowBrownie “Crumbs.” Made from a mix of coco coir, composted fir bark, and a proprietary polymer, this crumbly mix of ingredients are easy to add to your soil—and with what result? Your soil will retain up to 8 times its weight in water! Plus, the nutrients in the mix will keep your plants healthy and strong.

What Should I Use to Line My Hanging Baskets?

Why is it important to use liners in your hanging baskets? Well, not only do they help retain with water retention but the better liners will keep the soil properly aerated and healthy. Here are some popular liner picks for healthy hanging baskets:

Coconut Coir Liners

Made from real coconut husks, our coco coir liners have an extra thick construct that makes them long-lasting and extra water-absorbent. And since they release water slowly, your plants will maintain just the right amount of hydration at all times. These rustic-looking liners are pH-balanced, a perfect environment for maintaining healthy soil and plant growth. Natural and biodegradable, these organic liners are bird-friendly and biodegradable, for a zero impact on the environment.

Want the benefit of coco coir for your container garden? Coco coir rolls are available in 4- or 8-foot rolls, so you can easily cut it to fit any size container or basket.

Fiberglass Inserts

Our fiberglass inserts do their part in keeping your soil moist for longer, as they prevent water from dissipating. Our fiberglass planter inserts are perfectly made to fit 18″ and 24″ hanging baskets. Not only do these robust inserts keep water in, but they protect plants from the wind, which often dries out the soil. Although they are effective on their own, dropped right into your hanging basket before you plant or re-plant, for maximum water-retention and soil health, we recommend using them along with our durable, and economical, coco coir liners.

How Do I Plant Hanging Baskets with Coconut Liner Inserts?

Check out this step-by-step video tutorial on how to plant a hanging basket with a coco coir liner, a self-watering reservoir, and a fiberglass insert.

Keep Those Hanging Baskets Alive and Thriving!

From keeping plants healthy and fresh to finding a decorative hanging basket bracket that fits your style and supports your baskets with ease, we have everything you need to maintain gorgeous hanging baskets that thrive. Please reach out to us with your questions and orders; call us toll-free at 1-800-896-0978 or visit us at

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