Hard-to-Kill Plants for Your Fiberglass Flower Boxes

As a self-proclaimed “brown thumb gardener” (somewhere between green and black), I am always looking for low-maintenance gardening tips and tricks to make my greenery look—and stay looking—great with little care. That is why I’ve compiled this list of plants and flowers that are as hardy as they are pretty, and perfect for fiberglass flower boxes.

But First: Why Choose Fiberglass Window Boxes?

Although these low-care-but-lovely plants I’m listing would look fabulous in any window box, there are some unique benefits that make these lightweight window boxes a cut above the rest. First of all, as I said, fiberglass window boxes are lightweight: made from a mix of plastic resin and glass fibers, these plastic window boxes are both sturdy yet easy to mount on your home’s exterior, deck, railing, or fence. All you need to do is mount the metal cleats (included with all of our fiberglass window boxes) and then align the channels on the back of the window box with the cleats and presto! Your fabulous new window box is mounted!

But let’s not bury the lead on this main highlight of our fiberglass flower boxes: they are also weather-resistant (both in parching heat and freezing conditions), moisture-resistant, and insect-proof. That means that they won’t crack, chip, warp, rot, or mold under any conditions, so that you can enjoy your lovely window gardens for many seasons. Fully customizable, they are available in a variety of designs and colors, can be left as-is or painted to complement your décor, and can be custom-made to fit even larger and irregular window sizes.

Hard-to-Kill Plants for Your Window Garden


Sunflowers are named appropriately because they love the sun: 6-8 hours per day is ideal, so they are great plants for sunny windows. Easy to grow and maintain, these cheery flowers look great in the Modern Farmhouse fiberglass window box or the Black Laguna black window box.


Another full-sun favorite, Zinnias are flowering plants with cheerful blooms of different colors. A great choice for low-care summer window boxes, these bright blossoms with their lacy fern-like leaves are perfectly offset in a Modern Farmhouse or White Laguna fiberglass window box.


These brightly colored beauties love the shade, and are perfect for window boxes that don’t get a lot—or any—sun. They are the perfect “spiller” for your window box as they will start their lovely cascade of flowers almost immediately after planting—and won’t let up. These happy blooms are highlighted by the rustic Modern Farmhouse or White Brickton fiberglass window box.


With blooms that range in color from red, pink, white, and purple, geraniums prefer full sun but can still flourish in partial shade. These sturdy flowers can handle dry conditions and soil better than most, and brighten up any window with their vibrant foliage. Showcase them in our bright White Brickton fiberglass flower box.


Charming annuals that add a splash of color to any window, petunias love full-sun window boxes, though they can also grow in partial shade—but just don’t expect as many blooms. Petunias are also heat-tolerant, so they don’t have to be watered as regularly, and their bold blooms look great against a darker backdrop, like a Charcoal Brickton or Black Laguna fiberglass window box.

Aloe Vera

Not only is it handy to have Aloe Vera at your fingertips for when you get sunburned or need a soothing skin treatment, but it is also an easy-to-care-for plant that is perfect for window boxes! Since they are full sun plants, place them in a sunny window box and make sure you don’t overwater them (once every week or two is recommended, depending on the climate). These spiky, textural plants look great in the contemporary Charcoal Brickton fiberglass window box.

Sweet Potato Vine

Ever a window box favorite, the cascading beauty of the sweet potato vine makes an instant impact on your curb appeal. This bright, leafy vine grows rapidly, for lush, trailing vines that please the eye. Sweet potato vines can grow in sun or shade, and dark-colored window boxes like the Black Laguna and Black Brickton really make their bold green leaves pop.


Full sun, partial shade, full shade: it doesn’t matter when you’re planting a low-maintenance yucca plant. This perennial shrub with its spiky leaves flourishes in any climate, provided you keep its soil well-drained. Yucca plants are a modern garden favorite, and will look best in the White Brickton, Charcoal Brickton, Black Brickton, or Black Laguna window box.

Hosta Plants

Though these green beauties grow best in partial or full shade, some varieties of this plant flourish better with more sunlight. These lush plants are easy to grow and simple to care for, since they aren’t prone to most plant diseases and can tolerate any soil, as long as it’s kept well-drained. Choose any window box you’d like to showcase the hosta plant’s lush greenery: from the country-style Modern Farmhouse to the classic and elegant Black Laguna.

Artificial Plants

And, of course, for those who don’t have the time or interest in growing even low-care plants, there’s always our UV-protected outdoor plants, flowers, and vines. We even have window box recipes that provide just the right amount of bushes, vines, and flowers to create the window box garden look you’re after for whatever size window box you have.

Need help with your window box project? Let us help you! Visit us at www.HooksandLattice.com or call us toll-free at 1-800-896-0978.

Photo credits of flowers and plants (top to bottom, left to right): Steve Walser Jessica NicholsKevin T. HouleKenny MurraySharonRusty ClarkKaren DeSannoAnthony Albright, and David Strom.

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