Go European-Chic with Wrought Iron Window Boxes and Hayrack Trough Planters

From the wrought iron window boxes of ancient France to the hayrack trough planters of traditional English cottage gardens, using planter boxes has long been a European tradition. In those days, the use was mostly utilitarian: they housed plants used for food and medicine. Now, window boxes are mostly used for home decoration, and some of these age-old window box designs are not only still available, but they’re still synonymous with that same Old-World European charm.

For that Italian Villa Look

Wrought-iron window boxes are a very common sight, even to this day, on homes that dot the Northern Italian landscape. Want to get that same villa look for your windows by adding these charming metal flower boxes to your decor? Our tapered Decora window boxes reflect that same European charm, and their black powder-coated and rust-resistant design will decorate your windows beautifully for years to come. Our Decora window boxes are available in a variety of styles, including:

The Arch Decora—This tapered window box has a pattern of arching black bars that criss cross around its elegant shape.

The Venetian Decora—True to its name, this Italian-inspired window box has been handcrafted into a rustic window box with a Mediterranean scrollwork design.

The Del Mar Decora—With an elegant crisscross pattern that finishes in ornamental scrolls, the Del Mar Decora provides an eye-catching backdrop for bright blossoms.

The NEW Regalia Decora—Our newest window box design, the Regalia has interlocking scrolls made of wrought iron, bringing a dramatic and romantic look to windows, porches, fences—anywhere you wish to mount them. Place a copper, vinyl, black, or white planter liner in them, or fill them with terra cotta pots for a classically Tuscan-style window treatment.

For that Modern Mediterranean Look

The Santiago Decora—For a look that’s slightly modern, the Santiago mixes a tapered profile with a more contemporary grid design.

The Medallion Decora—Classic meets contemporary in this wrought iron window box that bears a striking X pattern with a decorative medallion at its crosspoint.

All of our Decora window boxes can be further customized in style with the variety of planter liners we offer, including powder-coated white, black, oil-rubbed bronze, bronze-tone, galvanized bronze with a hammered finish, and real copper.

For that English Cottage Garden Look

Go “across the pond” with your home décor with our traditional hayrack window boxes. These country-style window boxes have adorned English cottages for centuries, and continue to add a warm, quaint feel to homes around the world. Our hayrack window boxes are available in a variety of sizes—even larger sizes up to 72″—including custom. These traditional hayrack trough planters have a natural beauty further highlighted with our environmentally-conscious, 100% natural, real coconut coir liners that retain moisture and promote healthy plant growth.

Get your window box design project going today! Need help? Our team of experts are happy to answer your questions and assist you with custom orders! Call us toll-free at 1-800-896-0978 or visit us at www.HooksandLattice.com

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