Eco-Friendly Garden Tips

Whether April 22nd is a bright, sunny day or a cloudy, snowy one where you live, it’s almost certain that you’ll be dreaming of the beauty and bounty of your garden in the summertime on Earth Day. Not only is Earth Day a powerful reminder of the many things you can do to help protect and preserve the natural world, it also works as a timely jumping off point for your garden activity — that’s why we’ve made this short list of our favorite eco-friendly garden tips for your Earth Day garden festivities!

Tip #1 Choose Renewable Container Liners

Coconut coir is a thirsty basket liner, but it’s also useful for lining container gardens big and small. The thick, fibrous mats are more sustainable than peat moss or other green liners since they’re made from durable coconut husks that were once simply tossed away before a garden application was found for the hairy covering of the coconut.

Tip #2 Look to the Worms!

Everyone knows that composted manure can be a healthy addition to the garden, but it’s only become a recent trend to use worm castings instead of bagged manure. Keeping a worm farm for composting your kitchen scraps can give you a plentiful source of this rich fertilizer. If you can’t find space for a few worms, buying bags of castings to add to planters will still help your garden grow greener.

Tip #3 Try Innovative Garden Products

Peat moss was a favorite of gardeners until the detrimental effects of harvesting too much of it were discovered. In response to this situation, the garden industry has spent years looking for better ways to use less peat moss, thus preserving peat bogs. Innovative products like PlanterWell GrowBrownies are a cool new replacement for peat. Using coconut coir, composted fir bark, and a unique polymer, these neat little bricks can retain a lot more water than old- fashioned peat, and have a variety of other garden uses.

Whether you’re growing your garden from the ground up or you’re simply maintaining a planting you’ve loved for years, there’s always something new you can learn each season. Make it Earth Day every day by gaining a better understanding of the soil you’re working with and how it fits into the bigger picture of your local environment. When you work with the natural world around you, you’ll make gardening look easy!

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