Outdoor Artificial Flowers vs Silk Flowers: Know the Difference

An empty window box, outdoor planter, or hanging basket is not only a sad sight. It also detracts from your home’s curb appeal. Faux azalea flowers, shrubs and other artificial outdoor plants give you a way to keep your planters full of color all year long.

When decorating a home or commercial property, plants can help bring more life and style to any property, inside or out. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to care for live plants. But, there is an alternative – faux flowers.

Our beautifully designed, commercial quality faux flowers appear as lifelike and detailed as the real thing. Compared to the silk flowers that are commonly available at craft stores, commercial grade poly-blend artificial flowers are built to withstand the abuse of mother nature. Outdoor artificial flowers offer the perfect solution for your window boxes and planters. Read on to learn why you should use outdoor artificial flowers over cheap silk flowers.

Flowers That Do Not Bleach or Fade

One of the worries that come with the placement of fake flowers is that their colors will slowly fade. Due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight, silk flowers are prone to bleaching and fading.

This is not an issue when you use artificial azalea plants for window boxes and planters. These artificial plants are UV protected so that they can hold their color for years without showing any signs of fading. You can add these artificial flowers to any window box, basket, or planter.

Artificial Hanging Flowers

Artificial Hanging Flowers

Durable Faux Azalea Flowers Will Not Sag

Silk flowers can show signs of damage due to extreme weather, as they are designed as temporary décor. In contrast, faux azalea flowers and shrubs for your home or commercial property that are made from poly-blend material are incredibly durable. They will never sag or wilt.

A Better Way to Decorate Your Property

Since faux azalea flowers will not sag or fade, they provide a better way to decorate your property.

Ideal for commercial properties, you do not need to deal with the constant costs of replacing flowers or maintaining your outdoor displays. After creating your displays, simply give them a dusting or rinsing to keep them looking fresh. And for an even greater display, the Azalea Espalier Tree gives you a large and maintenance free way to bring more color to a bland commercial landscape.

Azalea Espalier Tree

Azalea Espalier Tree

Homeowners will enjoy the ease of enhancing the curb appeal of their home. Instead of real flowers set in difficult to reach window boxes or hanging baskets, decorate your home with a wide variety of faux azalea plants and other outdoor artificial flowering plants.

Multiple Styles, Shapes, and Plants to Choose From

While our faux azalea flowers remain the most popular faux flowers around, there are plenty of other styles, shapes, and plants to choose from. You are not limited to filling your window box. You can find full shrubs and topiaries. Imagine having a stunning azalea topiary ball that you never need to trim.

Azalea Topiary Ball

Azalea Topiary Ball

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Display with Faux Flowers

Artificial flowers offer numerous advantages over using real plants to create beautiful arrangements. While you only get to display your live plants for a handful of months, a year-round display of artificial flowers provides the perfect solution for continuous curb appeal.

Faux azalea flowers provide a wonderful opportunity for adding color to your home any time of the year. Browse our complete selection of artificial outdoor plants and shrubs. There is something for everyone.

Start shopping today to build a gorgeous outdoor display that will last for years.  

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