Create a Crisp Display for Your Plants with PVC Flower Boxes

People often overlook the actual exterior of their home’s facade when landscaping. Your windows, walls, deck railings, and even your fences are prime spots for adding more decoration and color ful curb appeal to your home. With the help of PVC flower boxes and planters, you can create a truly stunning display. Discover the ease of transforming the exterior of your home with PVC flower boxes.

Ready to Match the Décor of Your Home

PVC composite window flower boxes are available predominantly in standard white. Black and bronze painted flower boxes are also available in some designs. They are ready for painting so that you can match the color to your existing décor. Though, white provides a classic look.

The bright white surface of the window boxes and planters will immediately draw the eye to your new display. The solid white color is the perfect complement for a gorgeous display of fresh or artificial flowers.

When shopping for PVC flower boxes, consider your existing decorative items. This includes fences, railings, and other details. You can match your new window boxes to these styles. If you have lattices around your property, our Lattice Premier Window Box will help tie your décor together. Take a look at our Picket Fence Premier Window Boxes to match your white picket fence.

No-Rot Solutions for Any Home

All of our quality planters and flower boxes are constructed from a durable composite material. This cellular PVC will never rot or attract mildew. This provides a major advantage of real wood. You get the same look, but without the worry of decay or rot. Enjoy displaying your beautiful PVC flower boxes for years to come.

Urban Chic PVC Composite Window Box (Tapered Design)

PVC window boxes can be made to any size. Shown: Tapered Urban Chic

Available in a Wide Selection of Styles

Of course, there are plenty of styles with clean lines and simple designs. If you browse our complete selection of premier PVC window boxes, you will find hundreds of options to choose from.

You will have no trouble finding flower boxes to match the style of your home. At Hooks and Lattice, you will find a wide variety of styles to fit any décor. This includes a collection of contemporary, modern, and traditional styles for you to choose from.

For example, our Tapered Urban Chic Premier Window Boxes have a sleek, modern style. For a more traditional look, our Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Boxes are always a big hit.

XL Laguna Premier Window Box

The PVC Laguna is available as a wider, deeper XL design (shown) or original size.

Most boxes are bolt-through, but we also offer a unique system built right into some of our boxes. Mounting and removal of your window box planter doesn’t have to be time-consuming and difficult. Check out our flower box planter designs featuring the cleat mounting system below, for easy on and easy off installation:

Cleat Mounting System on PVC Composite Window Boxes

Many planter designs feature an “easy up” cleat mounting system. Installs in minutes, easy to remove for seasonal plantings.


Easy to Install PVC Flower Boxes

All of our window boxes and planters are easy to mount. The majority of these boxes can be mounted directly to the exterior wall of your home using our lag bolts packs. You do not have to worry about your display coming loose or the planter showing any signs of wear or decay.

Create a New Look for Your Property

Adding these planters and boxes will create new focal points outside of your home. This is a great way to bring more character to your home, drawing the eye towards your flower displays. Instead of matching a style to fit your existing décor, you can use window box planters to give your home an entirely new look.

Redecorate Your Home with PVC Flower Boxes

The addition of PVC flower boxes is one of many curb appeal ideas available from Hooks and Lattice. Create a new display to instantly improve the appeal of your home. Get started today. Browse our selection of no-rot, easy-to-install composite window flower boxes. Click Here to learn more about how to choose the right window box size for you.

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