White Window Boxes – A Clean Slate for the New Year

When winter is at its coldest and grayest, you can find yourself looking at your house and giving a wistful sigh as you think about how you’d love to do something to spruce it up. Sadly, you have to wait for spring to arrive to get to work on improving your home’s curb appeal, right?


While some improvements should be held off until spring has fully sprung, you can take steps to enhance the appearance of your exterior before winter is done. White window boxes are a great way to add to a home’s curb appeal mid-winter. Read on to learn more about adding a flower box during the cold months of the year and to discover some stylish, easy winter window box ideas.

Choosing All-Weather Materials

White window boxes are beautiful choices for wintertime and beyond and complement virtually all exteriors, but you need to be choosy about the flower box design that you select to ensure that whatever you add to your home can withstand the effects of winter. Two great choices are:

  1. PVC Window Boxes. Cellular PVC or composite is a type of vinyl plastic polymer that looks virtually identical to wood. The material isn’t susceptible to rot due to moisture exposure and doesn’t warp or split when exposed to extreme temperatures.

    XL Hampton PVC Composite Window Box Close Up

    Pictured: XL Hampton Premier Window Box w/ Easy Up Cleat Mounting System and Faux Brackets

  2. Fiberglass Window Boxes. Fiberglass is a form of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers to make it extra strong. Slightly more expensive than PVC, fiberglass is ultra durable and offers all of the weather resistance of composite white window boxes.

    Laguna Fiberglass Window Box

    Pictured: Laguna Fiberglass Window Box

Whether you choose a PVC or fiberglass flower box, you’ll want to choose a window box that is the same width as your window or as wide as the distance from shutter to shutter.

Choosing Your Plants

Once you have the perfect window box selected, it’s time to explore winter window box ideas and decide what to put inside of them. One option is to purchase high quality outdoor-rated artificial plants like flowers or vines. If you prefer living plants, try hardy evergreens like:

  • Juniper
  • Arborvitae
  • False cypress
  • Miniature spruce
  • Boxwood
  • Flowering heather

These evergreen shrubberies can be started in the winter in a window box and then transferred to a planter or shrub bed and replaced with flowers come spring. Depending on how far north you live, you may also be able to plant flowering cabbage, flowering kale, dusty miller, pansies, violas or paperwhites in your winter window box.

Because the air is arid during the winter months, check your flower box weekly and water as needed to help your new plants thrive.

Great winter window box ideas begin with the perfect flower box, and Hooks and Lattice has many white window boxes available to inspire your project. Shop our complete collection of White Composite PVC Flower Boxes and Fiberglass Flower Boxes now and get your curb appeal-boosting project underway.

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