Window Box Flowers: The Perfect Recipe

Nothing adds charm and beauty to a home quite like flower window boxes. From their delightful designs to bright colors, window boxes can add a beautiful pop of color to the interior or exterior of a home. But a common problem for people creating container gardens is choosing the flowers to plant. Instead of wondering if there are enough flowers to fill the window box or if the colors and styles are cohesive, our flower arrangements come in pre-made “recipes” to give you the exact amount of what you need to create a beautiful flower arrangement without stressing over the details. Even better, our flowers are artificial so they are easy to maintain for a bright look in every season. Made of the finest materials in the  highest quality, our DIY window box flowers make it easy to turn your home into a garden oasis. Here are three popular styles you can achieve with artificial floral arrangement recipes:


Ferns and Ivy

Create a flower box full of lush greenery and bright pops of color with our arrangements of buckler ferns and ivy. Our fern and ivy fronds are modeled after real varieties and have the details, shape, and texture of live plants to create a visually interesting mix. The mostly monochromatic nature of these arrangements make them a great accent to a modern home or a home with natural elements such as wood or stone details. Our 42″ fern and ivy mix adds brilliantly colored bromeliads for a unique exotic touch. And with high quality UV protection, the color won’t fade overtime, guaranteeing your ferns will be green and your flowers bright for years to come.


Artificial Window Box Flowers - Buckler Fern, Bromeliads, and English Ivy in a 42" Window Box

Artificial Window Box Flowers – Buckler Fern, 4 Bromeliads, and 3 English Ivy to Fill a 42″ Window Box


Add depth and length to your window box with our selection of faux bougainvillea vines. Our plants are full of leaves and flowers to give your window box a full, lush look that is lifelike and beautiful. This 30″ recipe features three vines for a complete look. Bougainvillea plants have unique textures and long vines, making them an interesting addition to a whimsical window box. Available in six colors ranging from red to lavender, our bougainvillea plants are made of fade-resistant materials to keep your flowers bright even if you don’t have a green thumb.


Artificial Window Box Flowers - 3 Bougainvillea Vines to Fill a 30" Window Box

Artificial Window Box Flowers – 3 Bougainvillea Vines to Fill a 30″ Window Box


A window box classic, geraniums are a great addition to window boxes for more traditional style homes. Available in pink, red, or white flowers, our faux geranium recipes can add a charming detail to any interior or exterior window box. To create an even more lifelike look, our geranium plants come with a mixture of leaves, flower clusters, and flower buds. This 24″ geranium recipe is full of the perfect amount of elements to fill your window box in a complete and professional way. With UV-resistant material, these geraniums will add cheerful details to your home year round.


Artificial Window Box Flowers - 2 Geranium Bushes to fill a 24" Window Box

Artificial Window Box Flowers – 2 Geranium Bushes to Fill a 24″ Window Box

Shhhh – The Neighbors Will Never Know they’re Fake!

Once you have arranged your artificial flower recipes to your liking, don’t say a word. Simply sit back and wait for the compliments to start rolling in. Our commercial-quality outdoor artificial plants and flowers are so realistic most people can’t even tell they’re faux – even just a few feet away! Shop window box recipes online or call 1-800-896-0978 to work with a floral designer on custom and/or seasonal arrangements.


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