Enhancing your Storefront with Planters and Window Boxes

Cafe storefront with planters and flowers

A cafe can use tall planters to define an outdoor seating area.

Planters and window boxes do a lot to dress up a home, but they can also make your business storefront pop. Window boxes and planters introduce a little color and life to an otherwise dreary sidewalk or asphalt parking lot. They can also slow down pedestrians, people who may walk by every day but have never really noticed your business before. Decorating the outside of your business with plants often attracts people who might otherwise keep walking.

Make a Visual Impact

No matter the business you’re in, plants can make a huge visual impact. Just like signage and product placement, your window boxes and planters will magically transform your business, if you choose both plants and planters carefully. Cheap-looking discount planters often warp or bleach in the sun, making your storefront look faded and tired. Spend a little extra on heavy-duty, fade resistant window boxes and planters made from natural materials like copper or tough composite plastics to give your business a professional makeover.

A doorway flanked by planters

To dress up the entrance to your business, flank the door with large planters.


Fragrance or Stench?

Once you’ve selected some nice window boxes and planters, sized appropriately for your business, it’s time to pick the plants. If your business is one of the many that has a scent all its own, you may want to choose your flowers and greenery carefully. There are certain smells that just don’t work together, so before planting your selections, sit outside your business with them to make sure they don’t alter your signature fragrance for the worst.

If you’re running a restaurant or a bakery, where you rely on the smell of food to attract passersby, you may want to avoid heavily perfumed flowers for several reasons. First, the smell of some flowers may overwhelm your oven-fresh cookies or alter the scent until it’s unidentifiable. Secondly, flowers with heavy, sweet scents attract bees and other stinging insects more readily than their lesser perfumed cousins.

If you intend to place flowers near your door, choose lightly scented species like calla lilies, gazanias, hybrid mulleins, pansies, hybrid petunias, poppies or tulips. Smell your plants before purchase, to ensure they aren’t rare, strongly scented individuals. Grasses and foliage plants also make excellent choices for these high traffic areas, since they’re not likely to be damaged by passing flower pickers.

Enhance Your Brand

Plants can certainly bring a feeling of home to a business, but you have to make sure you take care of them. Containers require a lot of attention, often needing watered several times a day. While you can move potted plants that have died or become scraggly away from traffic areas, window boxes are more permanent fixtures. If you don’t anticipate being able to always provide daily care, it might be worth investing in self-watering window boxes.

If finding time for plant care is a real concern, ask nursery staff to help you select plants that are low-maintenance. Plants with compact growth habits, that shed their old flowers without help and can tolerate high heat, may be your best bet. Unless your boxes are always in the shade, the summer’s heat radiated off paved surfaces can wilt delicate plants in no time flat.

Adding plants to your storefront is an easy way to attract passers-by and upgrade your brand. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, simple tools can make it foolproof. For more help with adding window boxes and planters to your storefront, call Hooks & Lattice today!

Window boxes on a railing at a cafe

Window boxes add charm to any storefront. These ornate flower boxes have an old-world feel.

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